To apply this option, select “Express Mail” shipping at checkout. Are you still planning to race the Divide next summer? Posted by Tom Mrotek at 5: Freewheels, soaked in solvent, may be cleaned by blowing with compressed air until dry. If a thousand people read this post, perhaps one might find it useful.

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What follows is a review of a really esoteric and very specific piece of bike equipment. I know because I did it.

Stein Mini Cassette Lockring Driver

First off, I am not criticizing my friend. You can reinstall the lockring with the tool by spinning the cranks backwards when you’re done.

High-quantity orders of multiple products may also include a shipping charge. These days, he ships the second edition, i.

STEIN Mini Cassette Lockring Driver Shimano Stainless Steel | eBay

See our complete return policy for all the juicy details. Then with a 3mm allen key, you attach the smaller arm to the plate. I have been waiting for years for Loose Screws to get me a Campy version. Individual items stein mini cassette lockring with free shipping will also ship for caseette.

And stein mini cassette lockring, reinstallation of stein mini cassette lockring lockring was a snap too albeit with one caveat that I will describe below. For an additional charge, orders may be shipped express and will typically arrive within 1 – 2 days. With it you don’t need a locking crescent wrench or anything, just hook it to your quick release atein and spin the cranks forwards. With your skewer removed, you engage the splined plate with the lockring on your cassette.

Maarten de Jong November 7, at 3: Oil or light grease such as Phil Wood may then be injected into the bearings.

Mini Cassette Lockring Driver – Mini Lockring Driver

It’s just hard to put into words. In-stock items ordered by noon, Mountain Time, leave our warehouse the same day. International customers stein mini cassette lockring responsible for all customs fees.

Milled out of solid billet aluminum for strength.

Thanks for the review, I’m now two kg lighter if I can find anyone who delivers to Auz for less than a flight: And we do all of this stein mini cassette lockring at great distance to a bike shop. Stein Mini Cassette Lockring Tool.

I have an LHT and by my observation, a heck of a lot of other cycletourists do too.

I have found this to be useful! On a recent multi-day ride, a friend and I pulled off minni the road into a the parking lot of an Italian restaurant buried in central Pennsylvania.

Hey, even ztein you don’t use it, perhaps you can play the role of super hero and help save someone else’s tour. Alternately, the driver can be mounted into a bench vise with the cog wrench engaging the cassette and the lockring. Stein mini cassette lockring don’t need this thing often, but when you do, you really need it.

My friend rummaged stein mini cassette lockring his panniers and happened upon the correct one with his repair stuff in it. I will be curious to watch the progression. To avoid the possibility of this, please select another shipping method at checkout. While most international orders will arrive within two to three weeks stein mini cassette lockring First-Class International mail, please be aware that some orders may take up to 8 weeks due to slow customs processing in some countries.

But what are you going to do if a drive side spoke breaks and you need to remove your cassette? I am one in a thousand. But right then and there, in the parking lot, I promised my friend that I’d determine a solution.

Except probably only four people read this blog.