Jul 16, Posts: Well, my cd writer originally came with v1. Sat Mar 31, 7: My friend has the same problem. Tue Apr 10, 4: Might be a Win2k issue. I figured it out.

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Iomega ZipCD 12x10x32 is really a Plextor drive (best on market) [Archive] – DVD Talk Forum

Dec 23, Posts: Sun Apr 01, 7: Sat Mar 31, 8: This is pretty stupid, mine can only do a data jomega of 4x on the fly copying from CD-CD. This technology basically prevents the burner from making coasters by actually iomrga the laser stopping recording whenever there is a “buffer underrun” this is when the computer can’t supply data fast enough for the burner to burn at 12x or 10x or whatever speed you’re recording at.

Let me know if either of those two sites helped out any. What am I missing?

Tue Apr 10, 7: Snagged one from their web site. Plextor licenses this technology from Sanyo and uses it on their own brand of drives. Me and my buddy chemical have the same problem, i have the same burner you do plextor repack and he has 12x10c32 acuall plextor and we cannot get cloneCD to work on either of ours.

CD Media World – CD-Writer Modifications – Iomega 12x10x32 to Plextor 12x10x32A

There is a hack jumpering the two test pins on the back to get them UDMA. Thanks for the info. As soon as i find a jumper i’m going to try that plextor trick. Nov 8, Posts: But no one else seems to have this dilema. Product 76 Ars Praefectus Registered: No dice on any temp files or drive to drive.

There are some versions of the Plextor that will not read sub-channel data.

I did pick one of these up yesterday, but could someone explain to me the benefits of updating to the Plextor firmware? Sun Apr 01, 1: Wed Apr 11, 6: When the computer catches up with the CDRW drive, the drive will turn the laser back on and begin recording again at the exact same spot where it left off when it first ran out of data.

Actually the site did work with Nescape, 12x10z32 newer versions Mozilla.

Tue Apr 10, 1: Tue Apr 10, 5: I can’t get CloneCD to do its thing, even when I am using the Iomega drive for both read and write functions. Iomegs you are not copying something that requires reading sub-channel, all the Plextors should work with CloneCD otherwise with the latest firmware.

I figured it out. I didn’t check them myself, as I don’t have a Plex but a Teac.

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Jun 7, Posts: OR even here too. The burn-proof is not handled in the firmware and thus not available to all burner software? Or is there another way to make game backups? I have the most recent registered version of clonecd.