Maran January 3, James April 25, Shannon April 25, If your laptop starts fine and you can see the Compaq logo, but video fails after Windows starts loading, it could be software issue. Debi May 15,

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I was trying find out how to get some instruction.

If you have two memory modules installed, test the laptop with hp compaq nx7010 audio module separately. Tried removing the bios battery, and leaving it unplugged for ages, before putting battery back.

I have a Compaq Evo Nv, which my grandfather gave me.

Nie dzialajacy prawy alt (to nie ctrl+shift..) – 01

Myslyn October 20, Is the hard drive detected by the BIOS? Have done a hard reset. Backup all important personal files and reinstall the operating hp compaq nx7010 audio from scratch. Andrew July 6, Joe March 19, One light comes on on the laptop the one saying the charger is plugged into the laptop. Show mobile version Show full version. If hp compaq nx7010 audio internal and external video have the same video problem, it could be bad video card. But I am very annoyed by the fact that if the battery goes bad eventually, the laptop will be useless.

Did you try basic stuff like starting the laptop from AC when the battery is removed and then starting it without hard drive installed? Then after downloading it, compare the diagrams for similiarities with your model for disassembly.

I have a R that will only run on battery, not on AC. Bruce March nd7010, Is there some capacitor I have to drain the power from? Should I just purchase an outboard charger? Andrea July 1, If you have two memory modules installed, remove them one by one and test the laptop with each module separately.

I removed the main and RTC batteries, took hp compaq nx7010 audio the hard drive and let it set overnight. It too had the blinking caps light hp compaq nx7010 audio scroll light and would not start.

Most Nyirenda Ph 10, Check if the memory module is seated properly, move it into another slot and test the laptop again. The flashes are in a definite pattern. Can some one please be good hp compaq nx7010 audio to advise me how I could find it for my laptop. Why do you think the problem is related to the LCD or hp compaq nx7010 audio I believed this had to do with system RAM — after resetting the RAM firmly, I can usually aucio it to start up and get to the desktop…however, after a minute or so, the screen goes blank, and I have to restart the machine after which, the aforementioned beeping loop plays.

Many of the parts are lost. This site uses cookies. Vincent September 22, This could be bad connection between the video cable and LCD screen. David The only way i know how is to go to your display properties and click settings then advanced, then click on graphics properties under Intel Graphics Media Accelerator driver. It works for a bit and then fails in a similar fashion or by showing video artefacts which then crashes the machine anyway.

My screen would hp compaq nx7010 audio out if the screen was moved but you could still see it a very little bit.

I have tried turning the laptop on with battery removed and also with the hdd removed but it is still the same. Niestety dalej nie dziala. The other computer hp compaq nx7010 audio the HD fine. I took the laptop apart, blew dry all the hp compaq nx7010 audio, and put them back together. Joseph Santos, I doubt that you can do this kind of repair at home unless you have proper equipment and a lot of soldering experience.


Maran January 3, Please add exception to AdBlock for elektroda. The small screws which I suspect have to be removed to completely disassemble the keyboard are covered by this clear hp compaq nx7010 audio shield. Set the BIOS to default, if there is such an option. Hp compaq nx7010 audio own a compaq presario v Alex March 26, Jack Conley May 7, Please tell me how to fix this without having to send HP my laptop because I am to the point of not trusting them anymore after the waste of money on the second adapter.

Alfie December 9, Tomek March 6,