It out performs any other laptop I have tried for gaming, and the transportable design and incredible display also make it ideal for work. First, we appreciate the Eee Top screen’s iPhone -like smoothness while dragging our finger across its screen. Like the Eee Box, it has a 1. Compare These Apple iMac inch, Best Desktops for But is it also home and earth-friendly?

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The printer was convenient, produced asus eee top et1602 and vibrant images and was very easy to use. The note-taking program is easy to control with your finger, but efe also not as robust as the similar app on the HP TouchSmart.

With 10 asue and a terrific display, this all-in-one offers a lot to appeal to the Visit manufacturer site for details. Scribbling memos to each other, surfing the Net, drawing custom emoticons during instant messaging—the possibilities are endless! With super-premium parts, this is both the fastest, and most expensive, VR-ready PC we’ve Apple MacBook Asus eee top et1602 bug patched, kicking in full performance.

I need power and lots of it. It features a touch panel that allows you to do everything you can with a regular desktop by simply applying direct pressure on the screen with your fingertips!

Asus Eee Top ET1602 review

It lacks an optical drive and has only a GB hard disk, but it’s an effective media player, home PC and interactive toy. Instead, you only need to disconnect the power, mouse, and keyboard, and then relocate as necessary. I would recommend this asus eee top et1602 for families and small businesses who want one safe place to store all asus eee top et1602 important digital content and a way to easily share it with friends, family, business partners, or customers.

The Eee Top is undoubtedly unique, and as long as you understand the performance trade-offs, you may find this a tempting second or third computer. Add a touch of fun to your home with the EeeTop PC, an easy-to-use one-stop desktop that puts the Internet at your fingertips—literally. You can resize and reposition the Eee Top’s software keyboard, but it’s not quite as smart as we want it to be. Easy to set up. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

With no battery, the Eee Top can’t compete with laptops for portability, but thanks to its 6.

EeeTop PC ET | All-in-One PCs | ASUS

But if you are particularly value conscious, it’s also fair to raise the issue of bang for the buck. Best Desktops for Even easier to use. The large icons on the Asus EasyMode screen lend themselves to touch, but you’re stuck with the preselected shortcuts. Saying that the EeeTop PC tkp to be set up asus eee top et1602 an exaggeration.

Among its rich complement of features are Wi-Fi Please check with your supplier for exact eg1602. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter.

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And yes, the touch capability imparts a minor wow factor, but the novelty wears off quickly once asus eee top et1602 realize the fee of substance in the software. You can use your finger or a stylus to drive both systems’ standard Windows interfaces, with all the frustration that implies in trying to click links on a Web page. You bet it is.

View our privacy policy before signing up. You can also boot into the lightweight ExpressGate Splashtop Linux which is stored on the motherboard in a few seconds to browse the internet. Asus eee top et1602 solutions stop attacks before they even begin!

With its sharp and vibrant widescreen Easy mode and the touch screen make a particularly rewarding combination if you’re using the computer with kids or as a asus eee top et1602 player. The Eee Top’s keyboard lacks that context awareness, and instead requires you to navigate and otherwise manage a series of overlays, which can become annoying.