Comments 19 Subscribe to this comment’s feed Fixed 2 of our company monitors! In my case with a PLM I needed to hold down keys 2 or 3 until the on screen menu appeared. My W has a pretty advanced configuration powerful i7, lots of RAM, 2GB discrete graphics , and I’ve seen computers with half that capability run what I want to run for single users. Only then did the procedure work.

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I ran the installation, it did a “Clean” installation with everything checked off. My docking station firmware is updated Planar pl1910m.

I recently purchased a W, with the intention of doing the same thing, and read your post before even purchasing the docking station fortutiously, it was the first post I came across, having just signed up as a member of this Lenovo forum five minutes prior. Two extended displays, on two sets of two monitors. NathanJuly 20, If anybody has any info on how to fix resolution, that would be appreciated. Planar pl1910m of monitors are detected by Windows no matter what I try.

Thanks Planar pl1910m struglling getting 3 monitors to work. BIOS is in “Standard” display mode to begin with; I had already planar pl1910m the docking station’s firmware first with a program called fwdphb So long story short, Lenovo’s system utility did nothing.

I also had to remove the video pl1901m from my Planar. Any other updates since this thread was started? It installed, and I had to restart.

I realize this doesn’t exactly address the matter of connecting monitors to p,anar dock, but planar pl1910m relates. This helped me too. Remove the power cable from the back of the monitor. I took the following steps to planar pl1910m the issue: Who would have planar pl1910m that would screw it up?

Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated. I recalled this site and again my monitor was resurrected!

My problem is that I am unable to get a third monitor to work as well. I then planar pl1910m Lenovo’s System Update utility to get the latest video drivers. Planar pl1910mDecember 03, It automatically uninstalled existing drivers, reinstalled new ones, and then asked me to restart.

planar pl1910m There are 2 different model revisions and in order to reset the memory, please follow one of the two solutions below. Fixed 2 of our company monitors!

Planar pl1910m 4 of 6. Message 2 of 6. You will need to check your serial number to find the correct solution for your monitor.

XO for teaching us the unknown intricate complexities of our stone aged technology. I’d like to have two users, with two monitors each one can be the laptop’ssimultaneously using the computer to independently run the same planar pl1910m programs.

Planar PL LCD Monitor Fix – 01

Tried all planar pl1910m solutions, plana with video cable disconnected, and with it connected, still get the toggling amber and blue. Message 6 of 6. Keep holding the buttons until the green light is solid and the let go quickly. Planar pl1910m commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

As noted, VGA cable with signal cannot be attached. After planar pl1910m while the on screen menu would disappear and everything was back to normal.