We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from. Reproduction in any manner More information. You must perform a new alignment for each combination of tray and paper size. Scan to allows you to send the scan file by as an attachment or URL. Reproduction, adaptation or translation without prior written permission is prohibited, More information.

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By default, three virtual printers are already set up to correspond to the Print queue, X3et queue, and Direct connection. Do not attempt to install user software by opening the individual folders for the applications. Without a dongle installed, you can use Impose in Demo mode. Fiery x3ety 35c-km users typically use std.

The following guidelines and restrictions apply to Mixed Media settings: Before you install the utility, read the guidelines described in Preparing for installation on Windows computers on page All available servers are displayed in the Available Servers list. It is a network print server. fiery x3ety 35c-km

Be sure to follow the installation procedure for the software fiery x3ety 35c-km provided in your kit. Home provides current information on the jobs processing and printing on the Fiery X3eTY. The Login Server window appears. Viery Management Suite Version 5. You will then see the “Printer Files” link that will allow you to download printer drivers locally.

I have some problems with a Bizhub c450 with Fiery X3eTY + Folding Finisher FS-603

Add comments to help define the virtual printer for the user, for example, duplex company brochure. All scans are stored on the Fiery Fiery x3ety 35c-km hard disk and retrieved through the network. Quick Scan Features Setup Guide. Printing to a virtual printer Virtual printers are published on the network. For information about User Authentication in the printer driver, see Print Options. User s Manual Package Contents: For Tray Fiery x3ety 35c-km to work when printing a job, select the tray that you have aligned on the Media tab before printing.

If you cannot locate the Fiery X3eTY, contact your network administrator. It is automatically installed when you install Command WorkStation.

Fiery X3eTY 30C-KM/35C-KM. Utilities – PDF

Imposition settings override job property settings. If you cannot connect and cannot print a Test Page, check the copier touch panel for additional error information.

To enable Impose on fiery x3ety 35c-km client workstation, you must: For 53c-km information about browser and system requirements, see Welcome. Be sure to provide this information.

Drivers for manufacturers Konica Minolta to Printers

Agnitum Maintenance Fiery x3ety 35c-km Outpost Firewall 4. Apply impositions to variable data jobs. Retrieving scans using the Docs WebTool Using the Docs WebTool, you can set up custom mailboxes and retrieve scan jobs in the Mailboxes to your remote workstation over the Internet or intranet.

If you use the Fiery x3ety 35c-km Start Page s feature, all media specified in the Paper menu per chapter must share the same dimensions for example, all Letter, all Tabloid, or all A4. If the latest version of Command WorkStation is already installed 35c-jm the workstation, Impose x3ty now fully enabled.

Applying imposition layouts to c3ety for custom printing, binding, and cutting purposes Windows only. If this occurs, enter the same value in A and C. If fiery x3ety 35c-km align a given tray with Letter paper, and then load Legal paper in that tray, the alignment is wrong.