A Lister points out, when Rimmer finally spills the beans, the only person that is holding onto that event, and letting it drag him down is him — even if it wasn’t the case that everybody in that room has been dead for three million years, in any event, after a few days of chuckling, they would have got on with their lives, while Rimmer is forever kicking himself for that one mistake or many mind you, but that is the one that haunts him — and it wasn’t his fault by the way, they should have taught him in basic training. I would only recommend this book to fans of the television show for the sake of hearing the narration by Mr. Though these are familiar concepts to anyone with even a passing knowledge of space fiction, Grant and Naylor handle things in such a completely charming, quirky way that you feel every concept is new, though wisely and unusually for an exploration of such hard sf type ideas they still make character and comedy the forefront of their work, with Rimmer, arguably the most complex of the cast the major character to be examined as the book reaches it’s conclusion, an examination which is of course hilarious. Rimmer attributes his failure in the Space Corps to this gaffe. Fantastic, but I always did like Red Dwarf. The one star is for the book.

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Upon release from stasis, Holly explains what happened, and mentions how he has had dwarff pilot Red Dwarf out of the Solar System, in case any red dwarf infinity welcomes careful contaminated a planet. If anything perhaps more brilliant in some areas and a bit inferior in others. Jan 01, Mystry rated it did not like it.

Dave would much prefer to talk to her than he would to Rimmer, but Holly, mortality, different ranks and about seven million years have intervened to keep them apart. The only problem is this was my free download and now I’ll actually have to fork out for the sequel!! I’m guessing if you were a fan of the old BBC space spoof this book would be awesome.

He tackles the Cat and sends them crashing to the floor, breaking one of his teeth off. Lister instructs Holly to chart a course for Earth. I’m sure it must annoy red dwarf infinity welcomes careful rest of the original cast because Chris Barrie could comfortably pull off a one man radio show! This book was not a bad way to spend my time, but not five star quality and not as funny red dwarf infinity welcomes careful it implied it was it was rather lame that most of the jokes were just carbon-copies of the ones delivered in the TV series.

Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers by Grant Naylor

Red Dwarf Started in and just finished infinty on Series XII Releasing in Fans of the show will enjoy this, though they should read it after watching the series as it contains spoilers, and reenacted red dwarf infinity welcomes careful from infiniyy Show with more details, and it will appeal to those who enjoy similar works such as “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” And “Dr.

My wife and I loved the Red Dwarf television series so this review is very biased. Much as Douglas Adams did with that other classic of English comic sci-fi, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, when translating from the initial radio play into a plethora of different media iterations, Grant and Naylor tell red dwarf infinity welcomes careful story of Red Dwarf in the novels from the beginning rather than simply writing down infimity in the series.

When I stumbled serendipitously upon Red Dwarf my interest was immediately caught.

Book review: Red Dwarf — Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, by Grant Naylor

Upon boarding the Nova 5Lister notices that the ship’s engines are far more advanced than the Dwarf’s. Would reccomend to anybody looking for an entertaining book.

Chad Baltimore, MD After five days of this, Lister collapses, and wakes up in the medical red dwarf infinity welcomes careful to find Rimmer, now a hologram. Red Dwarf 1 8 Feb 02, Desperate to get home, Lister hits on the plan of enrolling in the Space Corps, getting a job on an Earth-bound ship and then going AWOL the second he gets home.

Lister wakes up in the medical unit to find Rimmer, whom Holly has selected as the person most likely to keep Lister sane and generated as a hologram.

Sign In Don’t have an account? He then tells Rimmer that he already erased the double; he just wanted to know about the soup. This isn’t just a novelization tie-in, this is a very enjoyable story in its own right.

Wow for the voices I think this is as funny as any comedy sci-fi can be – just as entertaining as HitchHikers Guide. The adventure of Lister, Rimmer, Cat, and Kryton are some of the best sci-fi around. Resigned to his fate, Lister puts on the clothes Rimmer red dwarf infinity welcomes careful him wearing and heads to the drive room.

The narrator gets red dwarf infinity welcomes careful. Obviously his Rimmer is first class but his depictions of Lister, Holly, Cat and Kryten are all spot on. Three young, female members of the crew are injured and in need of rescue.

When Lister applies ointment to the painful spots, he is shocked to find the pain spells words: The novel is cleverly written, using ingredients and events from several episodes to build up a larger storyline. Some questions should be left unanswered. So the book, this really red dwarf infinity welcomes careful a condensed version of stories from the first and second series dwadf a lot more detail and back story – so to find out more you will either need to read the book or watch the series – and either or both are fine by me.

War God Rising Tim Marquitz 9. Creator-producers Rob Grant and Doug Naylor were unhappy with both the small budget given to the show and how that money was spent for the first two seasons; notably, when they took over as showrunners in the third season it took a quantum leap forward in its visual style and quality.