The tool that will allow you to diagnose these issues is Device Manager. Lawrence November 28, They are available from the miklor. I’ve tried the seating and cable cutting methods described, to no avail with some of the newer versions. Keep in mind that there are a lot of counterfeit cables out there, so if you purchased a cable purported to have a Prolific chip but won’t install the driver, it may not actually have one.

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So tried a few more times. After a long and frustrating day using instructions from other radio shack usb to serial cable written in Chinglish, I found yours. The Linux open source drivers don’t care which Prolific chip you have.

Install the USB programming cable driver. If I could, I’d buy you all a beer. Thanks for this website! Larry Wehr December 3, When I go to download my info to chirp it says could not open port COM5: These radios are compact, easy to use, versatile and, best of all, extremely inexpensive. Kenneth February 26, 5: Gil May 23, 2: I have a few FQ, I would like to put in, how do I proceed getting this in. I heard it is different software or something like radio shack usb to serial cable, how do I change this or can it be done easy enough.

When I tried again a message said “radio didn’t go into program mode”.

When uploading from radio to CHIRP, be sure your radio is tuned to an active station – in spite of the instructions you’ll see pop up. I had this working under Windows 8. Lewis April 14, 3: Found your forum while searching for programming updates for my Baofeng Radios.

Was getting error messages before. Is there something else I need to try?

Is there a difference that requires the use of a special cable for the UV82 or will the UV5R cable work just as good? That is why you keep seeing The drivers are installed and I am using the correct port.

How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software

Link to upload does not highlight. This is truly a painless cable once I quit trying to make it difficult. Hi Taylor, most of the UV-5R series radios are about the same.

I have the 3. Had the transmitting problem when connected.

ES xx, xx all models 53SL series incl. You not only have to install it, you have to specifically select it instead of the v3. Radio shack usb to serial cable rich, one of the most common reasons for this is because the connector is not in full contact with the radio. Click Properties on the pop-up menu.

6-Foot USB-to-Serial Cable

Connect the cable to the radio. Mike Radio shack usb to serial cable February 28, How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software Baofeng handheld two way radios are well known among amateur radio operators everywhere. I followed the instructions on disabling the Power Management even though I didn’t have the drop down box in the same area that was described.

Installation is automatic on many systems with little or no user interaction required. Rick replied to comment from Rich n2kpr January 29, 8: Although I am not using a laptop but a normal windows7 PC.

The correct driver should install and the yellow notification should disappear from the Device Manager. Followed all your directions and still can’t upload freq list. I get radio shack usb to serial cable to happen. I have 2 different cables that both work with my Wouxun. All I needed to do was roll back the driver and my computer finally saw the radio. This cable has a unique proprietary RPI chip built into the connector shell.

If you followed the radio shack usb to serial cable instructions and are still having trouble, there is now another solution available. Phil, Double check Device Manager to make sure that you have successfully downgraded to the v3.

The fix for me has been to use a 2. After numerous shadk and a little frustration, I came here and read these instructions. That just proves that your MAC can’t fix everything.