Index — U tutorials continued warnings continued changing continued radio frequency energy: FLIR Systems will, at its option, repair or replace any such defective product free of charge if, upon inspection, it proves to be defective in material or workmanship and provided that it is returned to FLIR Systems within the said one-year period. To print the manual completely, please, download it. When Battery low is displayed on the screen it is time to charge the battery. Introduction To Thermographic Inspections Of Electrical Installations, Important Note, General Information, Introduction Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations Important note All camera functions and features that are described in this section may not be sup- ported by your particular camera configuration. Page 48 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations ;a3 Figure 7.

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For a graybody radiator, the Stefan-Boltzmann formula becomes: Priority, Repair 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations The classification of the defects gives a more detailed meaning that not only takes into account the situation at the time of flir thermacam e45 which is certainly of great impor- tancebut also the possibility to normalize the over-temperature to flir thermacam e45 load and ambient temperature conditions.

Important note about filr manual This simply means that you compare the three phases theermacam each other.

It is typical for all infrared cameras and can not flir thermacam e45 avoided. Camera overview Camera parts ;a1 Figure 9. Page 1 Object Size The reason for this effect is that there is a smallest object size, which gives correct temperature measurement. The one in the middle is colder than the clir.

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Distance To Object 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations snow or rain and reliable measurement is no longer possible. But it is virtually impossible for an IR thermographer to have detailed knowledge about all the different types of equipment that can be controlled. The fact that radiation is a function of object surface temperature makes thremacam possible for the camera to calculate and display this temperature. Page Index — D camera parts continued commands location continued Automatic adjust: Flir thermacam e45 System Components Connecting system components ;a2 Flir thermacam e45 6.

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Page 19 — Emissivity tables Stainless steel sheet, untreated, flir thermacam e45. It must be repaired as soon as possible but think about the load situa- tion before a decision is made.

Page 19 — Emissivity tables Aluminum anodized, light 0. Page 19 flir thermacam e45 Emissivity tables Paint 8 different colors 0. Page 15 — Glossary Term or expression Explanation level The center value of the temperature scale, usually expressed as a signal value.

Comparative Measurement 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations 7. Page of Go.


Another major breakthrough, made flir thermacam e45 Langley inwas the invention of the bolometer. Page 17 — History of infrared technology however, who was the first to flir thermacam e45 that there must be a point where the heating effect reaches a maximum, and that measurements confined to the visible portion of the spectrum failed to locate this point.

To remove stains, wipe with a soft cloth moistened with a mild detergent solution and wrung dry, then wipe with flir thermacam e45 dry soft cloth. Thermographic measurement techniques History of infrared technology Theory of thermography Emissivity tables Page 18 — Theory of thermography ;a3 Figure Index — P packing list: Page 70 9 — Camera overview ;a5 Figure 9.

At room temperature K the peak of radiant emittance flir thermacam e45 at 9. Control 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations However, the most common result of the identification and classification of the detected faults is a recommendation to repair immediately or as soon as it is practically possible.

Glossary Term or expression Explanation absorption absorption factor The amount of radiation absorbed by an object relative to the received radiation. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. It is important that the repair crew is aware of the physical principles for the identifica- tion of defects. Normal Operating Temperature 7 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations ;a4 Figure 7.

The component in the infrared image and in the photo is not the same, however, it is similar. Testing of an FPA flir thermacam e45 ;a1 Figure 3. Battery Safety Warnings 11 — Electrical power system Camera Program, Result Table Camera program thermacamm For more information about XML, point your browser to: A laser flir thermacam e45 appears on theracam screen when the Laser LocatIR is switched on.

The measurement periods may also differ depending on the type of plant to be inspected, whether they are hydroelectric, nuclear, coal-based or oil-based plants.