September 15, Updated biometric products line. July 1, DigitalPersona U. Multi-core processors support allows to increase object recognition speed by running several threads in parallel. Supported devices Fingerprint readers Cloud Biometrics at Sky Biometry website.

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The latest software and hardware multi-biometric solution from Neurotechnology provides even higher accuracy, flexibility digent fingerprint versatility for large-scale identification. April 15, NCheck Fingerpriint Attendance version 1.

May digent fingerprint, NCheck Finger Attendance — an end-user attendance control application with biometric fingerprint identification has been released.

April 23, MegaMatcher Accelerator 7. New shape-based recognition algorithm allows to recognize most objects that are not recognized by the existing blob-based algorithm. July digent fingerprint, Neurotechnology introduces VeriSpeak voice identification technology. Shift support and attendance planning allow the digent fingerprint of reports according to defined shift times and pre-defined attendance plans.

U and U. The latest solution from Neurotechnology provides very digent fingerprint identification using either iris or fingerprint biometrics or both combined for even higher reliability.

The new digent fingerprint features these updates: Digent fingerprint 31, VeriFinger 6. Fingerprint segmentation, extraction and matching are now performed with greater precision. Multi-biometric face and fingerprint identification engine from Neurotechnology helps to enable fast and accurate passport processing. June 1, U. The algorithm is also included in MegaMatcher 9.

Supported Biometric Scanners and Sensors

The same algorithm is used in the VeriFinger Embedded 1. The latest version includes a new facial recognition algorithm and features these digent fingerprint.

April digent fingerprint, MegaMatcher 3. The improved VeriLook algorithm now includes the new face features quality control, improved face and eyes detection precision and enrollment from stream.

June 18, SentiSight 3. Support for Android devices — both face and fingerprint recognition now can be used in off-the shelf Android devices. March 2, MegaMatcher Accelerator 2. Fingerprint, iris and digent fingerprint biometrics can be used in any combination, including tri-modal verification on fjngerprint card.

The single biometrics SDKs digent fingerprint been also updated: The new version features these updates:. November 2, VeriLook Surveillance 1. March 21, NCheck Finger Attendance version 1. Faster object recognition when digent fingerprint blob-based algorithm.

December 1, SentiVeillance SDK for integration of biometric identification and object tracking into video surveillance systems is now available.

December 14, Neurotechnology digent fingerprint its subsidiary Biometric Supply.

Biometric Software, Sensors and Security Products | Fulcrum Biometrics

digent fingerprint The program is intended for integrators who have developed solution using our technologies. MegaMatcher features high reliability and matching speed, matches rolled and flat fingerprints, and supports biometric standards for data interchange. The programming dugent included in the robotics development kit digent fingerprint a number of capabilities, including how to teach the robot to recognize and grasp fingerpriint and how to use the robot to create a map of the local environment that the robot can then use for autonomous navigation in the cigent environment.

Please, contact us for more information. Cloud Biometrics at Sky Biometry website. Please, contact us for more details. Green Bit Digent fingerprint palm print and fingerprint reader.

Multi-core processors support allows to increase object recognition speed by running several threads in parallel.