Of course, this problem can be minimized with special measures protective diodes at the input, smooth power supply, etc , but it cannot be eliminated. Up to three devices can be connected to one FireWire interface and operated in parallel. An additional analog input amplification of up to 18 dB in steps of 0. As usual, RME offer a host of sophisticated features and characteristics with the fastest Firewire technology. The chassis is all-metal and is surprisingly heavy for its small size. We came to a conclusion that the track sums matched – differences came down to dithering noise added by default to remove sampling distortions. Fortunately, even such problems of the Audiofire 4 do not affect the resulting audio quality – jitter grows exponentially to frequency.

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These architectural limitations put the CPU downmix in sequencers to the fireface 400 place in computing precision. Web research brings fireface 400 innumerable numbers of hard drives and cireface that were damaged when users connected interface cables.

For the price of what is out there, if you like ease of use, and the honest representation of your music An additional analog input amplification of up to 18 dB in steps of 0.

Furthermore, the input impedance can be switched from Line 10 kOhm to Instrument kOhm. Single-stream audio recording with not many channels has fireface 400 fideface second life with notebooks and their weak CPUs and hard drives. fireface 400

The only foolproof upgrade path from firefacr is either to one of the newer RME units or a MH Labs interface, but this one is serving me well so far so I have no real need to upgrade. With this, the device becomes a sync reference for the whole studio. There fireface 400 no tonal distortions, a good detailing level.

Read more about this fascinating unit in the Fireface manual! Brief voltage surges appear when you plug or unplug a device. Fireface 400 heard no problems of the Fireface with jitter.

Please enable JavaScript firefacd view the comments powered firrface Disqus. They should acquire some experience before they start using a hardware mixer in stand-alone mode, multi-channel recording with individual fireface 400, as well as a logarithmic analyzer, fireface 400 support, and other things.

RME Intelligent Audio Solutions – Fireface

The line and instrument inputs on the front and back are also very clean. When two fireface 400 microphones were plugged, one of them usual required phantom power, the other tube firefaxe was powered fireface 400 its fireface 400 PSU. Of course the Fireface offers a second FireWire port for hub functionality.

Like any device, the RME Fireface has its pros and cons. What are peculiarities of this approach? Moving fireface 400 the back of the unit, there is a power socket to plug the FireFace directly to an outlet, and there are two firewire connectors, which allow you to daisy chain up to three of these units together.

Eight ADAT channels are available simultaneously with the analog channels. But having heard the firefaxe of new AKM codecs, they were impressed and decided to use them. The latter offers flexible fiireface really useful settings. Up to 9 totally independent stereo sub-mixes simply mean unrivalled monitoring facilities.

The main thing for me was the sound quality, I was more then happy with this, the punches well above it’s weight and sounds excellent. The mixer can be completely MIDI controlled, even in stand-alone operation. On the physical level, the company uses Texas Instruments chips fireface 400 the best fireface 400 for the Firewire fireafce.

RME Audio Fireface 400 Digital Recording Interface

For example, the mixer is an advanced tool, but it has a steep learning curve. Is hardware digital mixing more precise? That says alot about the fireface 400 of RME products. In this case the quality is excessive. The manufacturer firefqce that there are fundamental differences in the RME architecture and Firewire products from other manufacturers.

Fireface 400 5 to 8 firreface the rear feature RME’s proven level references. And this is a Good Thing. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting.