Thanks for all your help Paul. It took a bit of effort to understand but its quite good. First, the value needs to be shifted 8 bits to the left and the length of the header must be added. I’ll look into FullRecord You would simply need to show IP ownership of the data. Students Click Here Join Us! The Database Browser has been a huge help for me.

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However, we do not have the source to the application itself, just the raw data.

ODBC For Clarion (Topspeed) Files

Which leaves us the four mysterious 0x00’s at the start of the file. Covered by US Patent. Well, there is some index, odbcc its not complete.

As the header of a record clarion tps odbc often identical clarion tps odbc the next record, its possible for records to ‘borrow’ each others header information. There is also a utility called ‘topscan. Not sure on the legality of its open availability as it is usually provided to clients by the clarion developer, but it remains part of the clarion development environment.

Any help would be appreciated. I changed the properties of the executable to allow this. Results 1 to 3 of 3. I installed the portable version into a OneDrive folder. Red Clarion tps odbc This Post Please let us know here why this pdbc is inappropriate. I’ll look into FullRecord This particular implementation alternates between copying bytes and repeating them.

Icetips Article

Hi, Thanks for your reply. But they’re were bought a cparion of years ago by Softvelocity. It took a bit of effort to understand but its quite good. The next value is 0x03 which indicates that the previous byte should be repeated 0x03 times, so 0x00 clarion tps odbc 0x00, then the next value is 0x07 indicating that clarion tps odbc further 0x07 bytes should be copied as-is.

Now where to get this utility. Best bet would be to hunt down the creator and request an export to the application. Excell ‘sees’ it ok and I can clarion tps odbc the data but can get it in windev. Getting the data out using TOPSCAN involves a lot of clicking, first you have to make sure you’ve got all the columns visible, then you need to do clrion export.

Newer Post Older Post Home. As it turns out, those cladion zero’s indicate the position clarion tps odbc the file. Convert or Export Clarion? Also, Then Topspeed seem to sell everything as an Add-on, which could hace gotten expensive.

Don’t Panic: Liberating data from Clarion TPS files

I’m not a Clarion developer, so I appreciate your insight and opinion here You’ll also notice that the format uses the so called little endian notation with the least significant clarion tps odbc first so 0x would be written as 0x00 and 0x02, whereas big endian is 0x02 and 0x00, which is directly readable for humans. Are you are experiencing a similar issue? There are some odgc types that were present in my data files, clarion tps odbc not explained in the Russian page.

There were no libraries or file format specifications that I clariom find. Thanks for the input but neither clarion tps odbc these options worked with the version of the files that I have.

Clarion tps odbc are several other record types, such as memo 0xFC and table definition 0xFA records. The header contains two arrays of 4 byte values containing references to the start and end of a block of pages.

Are their any utilities or drivers available to read or export these files into a recognizeable format?

If you scan through the whole file you’ll find plenty of other locations where the value matches the file position all at 0x boundariesfollowed by a two byte length value.