Protected by firewalls and security programs, your information is safe from prying eyes. Modes Billing Meter Allows you to view the total number of prints made on the machine. Notification Specify whether to activate the tone before the machine restores the initial status. Follow the steps below. Ethernet This page allows you to configure the Ethernet transmission rate. E-mail Features E-mail Features This section describes the various features available for e-mail job.

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Print Settings 9 Setups Print Settings This section describes how to specify settings for the printer feature.

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Page 98 5 E-mail Transmission Report With this feature enabled, the machine prints a report at the end of the transmission that shows the transmission result. E-mail Fuji xerox docucentre 1085 This section describes how to configure or change the settings for sending scanned documents as e-mail attachments. You can send a document as e-mail attachments to multiple destinations in a single operation.

Halftone Grey patterns that are neither black nor white. Recipient Name Prints a recipient name which is registered in a Speed Dial, along with a sender name. Machine Installation Do not locate this product where people might step on or trip over the power cord. When the primary IP address is invalid, fuji xerox docucentre 1085 secondary IP address is also invalid.

Page 13 Glossary Frame Type A group of data sent douccentre the network. Location Of Warning And Caution Labels Safety Notes Location of warning and caution labels Always follow all docucentrw instructions marked on or supplied with this product.

Fax Features You can also retrieve a document stored in a confidential mailbox on fuji xerox docucentre 1085 remote machine. Page Terms Defined NV Memory Non-volatile memory which allows the settings of the printer fuji xerox docucentre 1085 be retained even when power is off.

If you make copies of the originals with mixed width, the width of the first page will be the size for the copies.

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When the paper tray is selected, the paper type in the tray is displayed fuji xerox docucentre 1085 the screen. Page Terms Defined Dial Tone A tone sounds from fuji xerox docucentre 1085 telephone line when a remote machine receives a call. Since yield xerix are based on continuous printing, unlike you would do in your own home, your own results may vary slightly.

The details displayed may differ from those shown on the screen of the machine. Tray 5 Paper Type Tray Duplex Automatic Document Set some documents at once and scan them for both Feeder Open Tray 5 bypass trayif necessary.

DocuCentre 1085

Items displayed on this page will depend on the model and settings of your printer. Select the Features Various copy features can be selected for your copy job. If you have more than one stack of documents to scan, fjji fuji xerox docucentre 1085 while the current stack of documents is being scanned.

Do not use a damaged or uninsulated cord to avoid the risk of electric shock and a fire accident. Fujji is rated 4. Specifying Destinations Address Book Use this fuji xerox docucentre 1085 to quickly search and enter registered destinations by selecting an entry from the list or using [Search by Index].

When you use this docucentrd, the width of the documents must be the same. Not only that, but delivery is FREE for fuji xerox docucentre 1085 majority of our customers. Select to register the destination used for the Fax feature. For troubleshooting network problems, refer to the Network Administrator Guide. If Tray 5 bypass tray is selected, this function is disabled.

Address Book Allows you to select from the list of destinations registered in Speed Dial. Fax Features Superfine Halftone Specifies a resolution for when both photographs with dark fuji xerox docucentre 1085 light coloring and text are on the same image. Zone Name — Enter the EtherTalk zone name. Docycentre 5 bypass tray can hold up to a 10 mm stack of paper.

The remote machine that broadcasts your document to multiple destinations is referred to as a relay station. The range of inputs for time and data is from