The casual golfer who is looking to gain more distance with their irons, or to hit the ball higher will benefit from the M2. Next article Why ball position is key to striking your fairway woods. This lower overall ball flight with slightly higher spin will give a skilled golfer more control over the trajectory of his shots. This iron will cater to the player who wants forgiveness and distance like the M2, but likes the shape and look of a slightly smaller club head. The M2 caters to the game improvement crowd, which happens to be the category to which most golfers belong. This combination of fast ball speeds along with the lower launch angle and spin rate produced a penetrating ball flight that squeezed out a few extra yards compared to the others.

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As aforementioned, user error and my left-to-left miss did surface a few times with both M3 and M4.

comparison of taylormade Did you know you can comparison of taylormade your preferences across all your digital devices and platforms simply by creating a profile? The name has changed, but TaylorMade’s M4 driver remains the most forgiving model in the lineup. In terms of comparison of taylormade numbers, this iron does not stand out when compared to the others.

The numbers I got with the TaylorMade M2 were not amazing from a ball speed or distance point of view. Please enter your comment! In terms of head size they look exactly the same. It appears your browser may be outdated. I need to spend more time with it out on the course to see how it performs over a round of 18 holes.

The extra ball speed makes up the low launch and spin, giving the golfer the powerful combination of a higher ball flight and more distance.

It is designed for the player who is more concerned with control over their ball flight rather than distance, but who would also like a little bit of help when they do not strike the center of the club face. For TaylorMade, the data gleaned from looking closely at head presentation in-out path, angle of attack, loft, impact locationinitial launch conditions and final landing location of the golf ball comparison of taylormade so telling that it forced the company to reconsider the traditional bulge and roll design on the driver face that’s been around for over years.

The P is a forged cavity back iron which is going to be slightly smaller than the M1, and is designed for better players who want a sleek looking clubhead with a smaller cavity back to comparison of taylormade them comparison of taylormade their slight mis hits.

TaylorMade Iron Review – Miles of Golf

The M1 is another iron that comparison of taylormade be considered a game improvement comparison of taylormade, but with a slightly smaller shape to give it a smaller look that better players prefer. Other articles by this author. To improve the overall aerodynamics of the head, the back section of the 5-layer carbon composite crown was raised to produce a more efficient design.

The player who is looking at the P should be a consistent ball striker, as it is the least forgiving option of the group.

According to TaylorMade, Twist Face reduces mis-hits high comparison of taylormade the toe from 8 yards left of target to 1 yard, and 2 yards right of target instead of 6 yards on low heel strikes. That is over rpms higher than the M2, which allows the M1 to produce a slightly higher ball flight and steeper comparison of taylormade angle. Tee to Green Strokes Gained: Does the new TaylorMade M4 driver do enough to convince equipment editor James Savage it’s better than his current M2?

This iron is not designed to produced longer distances, and the player group that it targets is generally not too concerned in comparoson distance. In comparison of taylormade of the numbers, the M1 is the closest to the M2 in distance and overall ball flight.

2017 TaylorMade Iron Review

With the M4 it was up to mph. Keeping those variables constant would allow this test to show up the differences and similarities between the club heads. The exact opposite occurs in the bottom portion of the face where it curves more closed comparison of taylormade center toward the heel.

They are both nice and big and fill you with plenty of confidence at address. Lastly, the P was the highest launching and highest spinning iron in this test, along with having the slowest ball speed of the group. The casual golfer who is looking to gain more distance with their irons, or to hit the ball higher will benefit from the M2.

The goal behind the curvature adjustments is to keep the ball online on off-center strikes. Generally, players who have trouble hitting the sweet spot consistently should stay away from ccomparison model. For the golfer who wants the most control over their comparison of taylormade flight, and who can hit the center of comparison of taylormade club face consistently, the P iron is the option they should comparison of taylormade looking at in the TaylorMade line.

How did the TaylorMade M4 fare against the M2?

For most drivers, the consistent curve from heel to toe known as the bulge and crown to sole roll counteract the negative effects of spin and launch on mis-hits.

The best new putters for – tried and tested May 30, The P is a forged cavity back that provided less comparison of taylormade speed, and a spin rate that was higher than both the M2 and M1 irons. Each is designed for a different category of golfer, which allows this line to cater to many different players. The data comparison of taylormade as follows: