Active Heads are lightweight modules measuring only 14 x 6. When using Active Heads, the calibrator output and the oscilloscope input are literally millimeters apart. The hybrid also contains sinewave amplitude sensing circuits, wideband attenuator networks, a pulse generator, an edge generator and output signal multiplexing. Therefore, any of the models listed above can be upgraded to higher performance at any time, an option which also applies if you already own one of our existing Series calibrators. Register Log in Contact Us.

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B Oscilloscope Calibrator

It means that the benefits of hands-free, fully-automated, accurate oscilloscope calibration are readily 9500n to everyone at a price and performance level that your needs and budget can support, while ensuring that, through performance upgrades, future needs will be met when the time demands it.

The final link in the chain of full automation is software. Upgradeability Protecting your investment Over recent years, oscilloscope technology and performance levels have changed 950b0, a trend set to continue.

The challenge for those chartered with maintaining a calibration facility to support these flyke is how to keep up with this rapid progress. This short distance comprises matched impedance, micro-strip transmission line and high quality BNC or SMA connectors to all but eliminate sources of degradation, distortion and uncertainty of calibration signals. It will output pulse risetimes of ps when used with any mainframe. Today you can invest in a oscilloscope cal solution with performance at a modest MHz.

Whatever amplitude you choose, controlled waveshape filtering ensures that all high-speed edges have an accurately defined harmonic energy distribution. The hybrid within the head can route even a high frequency, externally generated calibration signal to the Active Head output.

A range of mainframes At Fluke Calibration, we recognise that we must address the highest 9500 of performance to maintain our undisputed leadership in the field of oscilloscope calibration. DC levels and 10 Hz to kHz squarewaves are adjustable up to V with 5-digit amplitude resolution at 0. Auxiliary calibration functions The B Auxiliary Function capabilities calibrate oscilloscope functions often overlooked on other calibrators.

The heads are connected directly to the oscilloscope input without the need for additional cables. All control and switching of waveforms are performed under the control of the mainframe, yet within the head itself – typically only a matter of millimeters away from the oscilloscope input and amplifiers.

Semi, or partial automation solutions apparently address this issue and free skilled technicians to perform more valuable tasks. Positive, negative or symmetrical about ground Accuracy 10 Hz to 10 kHz: Timing markers cover the calibration of timebase ranges from 0.

When calibrating these instruments, it is necessary to move the calibrating signal from channel to channel as the procedure progresses. We will make every effort to ensure that any future developments will also fit this upgrade philosophy. A choice of four styles, plus the ability to highlight every tenth marker by increasing its amplitude, provides optimum visibility on analog and digital storage oscilloscopes. Four different Active Heads further expand upgradeability options of the B family.

Hard Transit Case Requires Option Oscilloscope calibration can be complex, time consuming and expensive. To compound the problem, rapid developments in oscilloscope technology make it difficult to keep up with performance trends without substantial re-investment on a regular basis.

Even automated systems require significant manual intervention to complete elements of the most simple calibration procedures. Performed manually, this work requires skilled operators to spend a substantial amount of time performing what are essentially repetitive tasks. In high performance instruments, this may introduce additional measurement uncertainties as cables and connectors are handled. Modules lfuke, Active Head range Four different Active Heads further expand upgradeability options of the B family.

9500B Oscilloscope Calibrator

Over the last decade, the oscilloscope of choice has migrated from a two-channel instrument to a more complex four-channel device. However, in practice, these partial solutions present their own problems. Over recent years, oscilloscope technology and performance levels have changed dramatically, a trend set to continue.

With the B, all the signals required to fully calibrate the oscilloscope are generated in detachable heads, remote from the calibrator mainframe. Register Log in Contact Us.

It will output pulse risetimes selectable between ps and ps when used in any mainframe.