Re-Charge is for keyed-entered transactions only. If you wish to make a partial refund go through steps , but adjust the dollar amount. The following transaction fields come into play when detecting fraudulent transactions. The following characters will be stripped from the cardholder name field: User Creation and Access Levels 7. Cookies must be enabled bit SSL settings Browsers supported: This calculation is based upon approved transactions only.

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Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide

To create recurring plan from scratch, follow these steps: The following characters will be stripped from the cardholder name field: Reports — Reports include Activity, Declined, Fraudulent, Deposits — closed ;osiflex and Deposits — open batches Recurring — Setup and manage pposiflex posiflex pp8000 printer plans. Payeezy Gateway supports multi-merchant posiflex pp8000 printer and reporting through a single administrative sign-on.

To setup a Recurring Plan by uploading file, follow these steps: The following characters will be stripped from the reference fields: Access to all screens. The following actions can be taken using these buttons: Equality check only must be printwr Number. If you enter your password incorrectly more than 3 times you will be automatically locked out of your account. There are 5 different reports in posiflex pp8000 printer Reports Section.

In the event you enter the user name incorrectly, you will be informed in red text posiflx you have entered an invalid User ID even if the password is correct. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Submitting a Pre-Authorization Completion.

A five minute time value would detect duplicate transactions made four minutes apart, but ones made six minutes apart would not be detected for example. TeleCheck needs to be enabled on the Terminal in order to process TeleCheck transactions.

Entering Existing Password Incorrectly. In order posiflex pp8000 printer a user to view a Recurring Plan, they must have the “Recurring Enabled” checkbox selected in the login tab, as well as have access to the terminal that the Recurring Plan is set up to use. This checks cardholder addresses against records at the credit card companies and rates the level of match, depending on how you setup your AVS filters.

You can view current recurring plans, modify posiflex pp8000 printer recurring plans, delete recurring plans, create new recurring plans, and view the individual transactions in the Recurring Section in RPM. If soft descriptor support is enabled for the terminal you’re using, additional fields will be available for the entry of the information as shown below. Contact your First Data representative for more information. The maximum of transactions is set to 1, for 1 day and the action is set posiflex pp8000 printer decline.

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide – Payeezy Knowledge Base

The acceptable file type is posiflex pp8000 printer CSV file. To create a new userfollow these steps: Swipe cards in a card posiflex pp8000 printer retail environment in POS.

This calculation is based upon approved transactions only. Transactions blocked by your custom Fraud Filters will be flagged with new Decline Codes. Visa Checkout should first be provisioned by calling the Payeezy Gateway Technical Support at See the screenshots below.

TeleCheck must also be enabled on your merchant account in order to process TeleCheck posiflex pp8000 printer. The new PP comes standard with an 80mm thermal sensitive posifldx roll. PayPal transactions will be displayed in the transaction list with a PayPal icon.

Velocity Controls Velocity controls are settings that determine transaction thresholds for a particular Merchant. Next, set the margins to “. Cut-off Times Cut-off times determine when a batch is closed.

This data must possiflex corrected or removed before the file can be uploaded successfully. You can setup and use multiple terminals; posiflex pp8000 printer, you will always have one default terminal type.

This cut-off time setting is only for Reporting purposes and does not actually impact settlement time. The ‘Download CSV’ link creates a complete. Click on the topic below to jump to that section or scroll up and down the document. Actions against PayPal Order transactions can also posiflex pp8000 printer performed here. Click here for instructions on how to enable AVS.

PP Aura Thermal Receipt Printer Series – Peripherals – Products

The Merchant Administrator can unlock a user who has been locked out of their account. This box only appears if the Pre-Authorization Completion transaction type is selected. Enter the authorization number from the Pre-Authorization transaction in this box. All Plans default posiflex pp8000 printer once for frequency.

If there is only one terminal, it is pprinter selected for you. Posiflex pp8000 printer Controls are a risk management tool and not a fraud prevention tool.

Next to each transaction there may be a transaction icon. Zero dollar pre-authorizations are supported by Payeezy Gateway. To do this, click the “Pencil” icon for a lrinter transaction when viewing the transaction list in order to edit this information. If you only have one account, the system defaults to your account and there is no Merchant Account dropdown. These transactions will be blocked by Payeezy Gateway and do not go posiflex pp8000 printer for processing.

You can posiflex pp8000 printer the date range for all 5 reports.